The Incomplete Cacophony



The Separation Circle






The Incomplete Cacophony

Whither Now?


No Windows

Where Brick Fields Lay

Waiata Poi

Yesterday's News

Shall Run Again


Must Be The Seat

Nocturnal Howls Surface

A Tale Of Nearly

An Airport, A Harbour
and the Wandering Journeyman
on the Other Side of the Horse

Space Travel Backwards

Towards India Gate

Steps Small

Behind the Noise

A Tale of Nearly
Words & music by Ed Hooke, April-Mary 2012
  Ed Hooke 2012
















Two swung through the jungle treetops
Lakeside bodies gently met
Slapped by slews of rampant raindrops
Grins & groans to not forget
A small brown girl. A tall white boy.

Left and stayed with wrenched affection
Each a distinct destiny
Your set menu life direction
held no taste for such as me.
In your plan would come a tall brown man

Ours remains a tale of nearly.
Dreams unlived enshrined unspoiled.
"What if"s we rejected really
Bright "might have been"s foiled.

Come back your long fingers slender.
Come back your sleek matchstick thighs.
Curved tops topped an old agenda.
Hesitant yet eager eyes
reappear now here after 9 years

Ours remains a tale of nearly.
Sweet shock as we touch once more.
Could I have been yours sincerely?
We both so unsure.
Ours has been a tale of not quite.
Gaze long then hands separate.
Reunion rend'ring contrite.
9 years too late.

but the truth is that this was never going to be enough
for either of us.

Draw blinds over tides and bridges
Cover clocks for these years nine.
Mundane mithers and mortgages
Ignore all!  Pretend you're mine.
Swing as before through jungle treetops.

Ours remains a tale of nearly.
Skirt round the lake.  Don't plunge in.
I love you.  OK, not really.
Cue no violin.
Ours has been a tale of almost.
Part! Body parts part caressed.
Tomorrow so farred from so closed.
Lust not lost nor lessed.
Ours remains a tale of nearly.
Fly home from my skies of grey.
P'rhaps we should just meet 9 yearly
6 thousand miles away.

Shadows fade where you once shone.
Jumpa lagi 9 years on.



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