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Bad Tune Men

It is the Blob.  He is play the drums very nice.

Well done the

The Blob is hit drum with stick.

Can you seeing hi-hat?

If you can seeing hi-hat, give youself one point.

It look bit like cymbal.

It do not have a ginger hair.

The Blob is wear the hat.

The hat is on head of the

A hat is not being same as hi-hat.

If you can seeing hi-hat now again, you can be having nother point.

Hi-hats is nice.

Oh dearie me dearie.

The hat is not on head of the

Now the ginger bit thing can being seen.

Blob is put his stick up the hi-hat.

Why he do that?

Who is this mens?

Them is Mr Creepy & Ratty.

Mr Creepy guitar got 6 string, one for each finger.

Ratty have only 4 finger.

Give youself 1 point for each finger you can do see.

Yes, 6 and 4 finger is 11 finger all and together total, so 12 point.

Now then now then here we see all the five of them Bad Tune Mens play with themselves at the Crypt which once upon time is under church in the Deptford, place which in Saaf Londin.

I can see hat.

It is on head of the Mr Creepy.

Which one of them Bad Tune Mens is most ugly?

Yes you right.

Have 1 point.

Boys and girlies.

Do not try eat microphone or you eyes fall out.

C'ant you see?

Now we are learn big new word.


What you think it mean?

Yes, you right again.

2 point.

Them sing the happy song.

The song has name which is "The day I go see dentist".

Words is "ah ah".

There them is again.

Where is hi-hat?

Where is the

Big picture.  Why it grey?

This one is thinks him is most important one of them band.

In fact him full of shit.

Have 1 point if you can seeing hi-hat.

Crikey likey!

Now the hair is on the fire.

Let us be quick and without the any delay be calling the fire brigadiers for put the water on and for being extinguished.


Oh lookie lookie!

Them Bad Tune Mens is play happy in the white flakey falling bitty bits of Great Britain weather what is called dandruff.

The Ratty is wear special scarf-hat for stop serious ears fall off.

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