Let's  go  fly  a  kite!  

The Separation Circle





 Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

Aap Jaisa Koi

And You'll Be Like Clementine

A Social Conscience

Better Late Than Never?

Daddy's Girl Has Fallen Down

I'd Forgotten Just How Beautiful You Are


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One Out, One In

Out Of Your Shade

Step Into Twilight

You Are There

You Never Miss?

       One Out, One In
                                            words & music Ed Hooke, 1988    -     Ed Hooke 1988


Another piece of 1980s
British social commentary.
This duet contrasts
the circumstances and motives
of 2 people on a socialist
March for Jobs.

 Blob described the end bit
as sounding like
a very mechanical
office environment.



We march for jobs, the right to work                                        
to earn the keep of those I love.                                        
Bleak queues we form to sign our names.                                        
Calendars pass.  This line's the same line.                                        

Home sweet home where my heart fades,                                        
in shade unthreatened by light.
Stuck in shut snap-shot albums
family smiles of the past.....
Are they the last of them?


                                        We March for Jobs, the Right to Work
                                       for others' sakes, for my job is safe.
                                       The Government must change its ways
                                       and face the truth staring in our faces.

                                        Meanwhile back at the office
                                       the software is almost complete,
                                       taking tedium out of mundane manual tasks.....
                                       Hours will be saved for us all.


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