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Rumble Mountain
words & music by Ed Hooke, 1991:  recorded December 1994   -    Ed Hooke 1991
- dedicated to great societies past, present & future







Back to being
an impressionable schoolboy
for the origins of this song.
Tales of Pompei,
a city buried under the ash
of the erupting volcano Vesuvius.
The theme and structure of this song
are similar to those of
Clocks, Cobwebs & Chalk
- both feature 'flashbacks'
- or 'flashforwardses',
depending on how you choose
to look at them.

Musically this song features
"a swarm of Bs"
in the "the higher they climb" section, as well as a snippet
from a certain national anthem
which suggests
an alternative historical context.



We have conquered Rumble Mountain.
Fine cloth and sweet wines have we.
- shaped and fashioned precious metals
- trained the land and tamed the sea.

Thus read the inscriptions in books
on shelves in houses in the dead town
where dwelt the people now forgotten
since Rumble Mountain shook them down.

Glittering treasures we have gathered
- sown seeds and reaped from the fields
- coined the faces of our leaders
- suckled young with honey and cream.

Such words emblazoned stone tablets
and torn papyrus found in the buried town
of a long past civilisation
since Rumble Mountain shook them down.

And the higher we climb the nearer comes the sky.
World history archivers will marvel at this hour.
We stand outside the shadows cast by heads that shake and sigh.
Such bountiful harvests do produce a few grapes that are sour.

Nature learned to be our servant.
Her offerings we graciously receive.
The rumbles of our humble mountain
serve to fanfare all that we achieve.

These faded impressions adorned
the walls in streets in what was once a town.
Whoever dwelt there is long forgotten now
since Rumble Mountain shook them down.


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