Lumps & Bumps



The Separation Circle






Lumps & Bumps

My Name is Ana

The Pizza Song

The Space Between the Stars


Glass Bubble Home

We Used to Fly
(Don't Mention Its Name)

(Not Bad for a)   Shy Boy Lost

Eastward from Krakatoa

Friend of Disposed Bathwater

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Harlow's Monkey



Soak Through

(Not Bad for a)
Shy Boy Lost

Words & music by Ed Hooke, August 2008   -    Ed Hooke 2008







Steady, her gaze which tells me stay
so softly, calming my urge to run away.
Wherever she should be
- seems not such a bad place for a shy boy lost like me.

Jet black, her eyes which so disarm me.
Certain am I that she won't harm me.
She enslaves me because she sets me free.
- seems not such a bad plight for a shy boy lost like me.

I think I'll stay, just for a little while, I think I'll stay.

Watching her as she watches me
astonished by what she chooses to see.
There must be some mistake.
I pinch the shy boy lost and find that I'm awake.

Gently she smiles and waves sweep through.
I'm shaking.
My heart's a kangaroo
and still she views me constantly.
 - seems not such a bad thing for a shy boy lost like me.

Grinning like a circus clown I float and glow my way back home
impatient for tomorrow's dreams to rise.
Will she send me soaring gaping-mouthed and seeing nothing else?
Will she once more find me with her eyes?


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