The Incomplete Cacophony



The Separation Circle






The Incomplete Cacophony

Whither Now?


No Windows

Where Brick Fields Lay

Waiata Poi

Yesterday's News

Shall Run Again


Must Be The Seat

Nocturnal Howls Surface

A Tale Of Nearly

An Airport, A Harbour
and the Wandering Journeyman
on the Other Side of the Horse

Space Travel Backwards

Towards India Gate

Steps Small

Behind the Noise

Space Travel Backwards
Words & music by Ed Hooke, September 2012
Dedicated to Vicious Manju

Imagine that you are alone
on board a space ship
which has left Earth
and which is
never going to return........










The stars come no closer
but home grows further away

Shards of past
cast from the rip roar blast off
hold me fast
and etch my tightened throat with scars.

Blue home globe
disk shrinking
speck flickers
and then is gone

Sun's warm light
Drawn numb flight.
A trace through space

Though I pine
I yield that life yet mine
lends chance for redesign
to turn and face the stars.