Let's  go  fly  a  kite!  

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 Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

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        Step into Twilight
                                             words & music Ed Hooke, 1990-1996    -     Ed Hooke 1996




"Some words are never spoken.
Some things are never done.
 If we could forget our manners
just once......

If I called for you,
what would you do?"

 ['Eye Dance' - Comsat Angels].


 I thought a list of
my favourite Bollywood actresses
would make for
interesting backing vocals........

 Dine with me, Melanie.
Venture to step into the twilight.
Girl & boy
trying to be grown up,
meet face to face tonight

I hoped to live my fantasy.
How impatiently I waited for you.
Close you came,
draping yourself round my neck.
My arms encircle your waist.

Then my hands slide
down to your backside.
Will you let them stay?
or will you pull away?
I feel you melt into my caress,
searching beneath your dress
for your warmth,
wanting so much, you & I

Aching days,
lonely nights,
waking at 4,
for weeks of waiting.
Anger from frustrated years
dissolves when I see your tears.

Oh please forgive me for my naivety.
We both got hurt, but flowers grow from the dirt.
What seemed so wrong instead can make us strong.
So shall we take this glorious chance?
Come and dance.
Dance with me, Melanie.

(Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Nandita Das, Manisha Koirala)


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