Emerging  into the
brightness of the day

The Separation Circle




Emerging Into the Brightness of the Day


I am alone

In search of Cassandra, Princess of Troy

Summer Solstice Song


Wedding Hymn

My City has been Burned to the Ground

January 13th

Another Mad Message

Time to Go Home

Dark Shine


Summer Solstice Song
words & music by Ed Hooke, June 1995   -   © Ed Hooke 1995 & 2007

Between the earth and sky....

On this the longest day, night is low and sun is high.

Alé, Alé, Alé, Alécas.
 Alé, Alé, Alé, Cassandra.

Between the wax and wane....

On this the shortest night, the Queen of Darkness suckles twins.

Helé, Helé, Helé, Helénus.
 Alé, Alé, Alé, Cassandra.