The Incomplete Cacophony



The Separation Circle






The Incomplete Cacophony

Whither Now?


No Windows

Where Brick Fields Lay

Waiata Poi

Yesterday's News

Shall Run Again


Must Be The Seat

Nocturnal Howls Surface

A Tale Of Nearly

An Airport, A Harbour
and the Wandering Journeyman
on the Other Side of the Horse

Space Travel Backwards

Towards India Gate

Steps Small

Behind the Noise

Yesterday's News
Words & music by Ed Hooke, 1993
  Ed Hooke 1993








Tattered and torn,
Smidged and smeared like a bruise.
Unwanted, unheeded, unvalued, unneeded.
Yesterday's news.

Today is a write-off.
Tomorrow who knows?
- wrapping chips if you're lucky.
See where the wind blows.

A heightened awareness
that the waste bins await.
Please not yet!
Surely there's more than yesterday's date?

So come gales and take me
up high and away.
Release the faint hope
of a new yesterday.

Try hard to remember
it's better to have been
yesterday's news
than unheard and unseen.

Do you believe in the phoenix?
It seems so far away.
The wind blows.  The press rolls.
Fare thee well, yesterday.
Fare thee well, yesterday.


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