Let's  go  fly  a  kite!  

The Separation Circle





 Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

Aap Jaisa Koi

And You'll Be Like Clementine

A Social Conscience

Better Late Than Never?

Daddy's Girl Has Fallen Down

I'd Forgotten Just How Beautiful You Are


Miss Japan?

Neighbourhood Watch

One Out, One In

Out Of Your Shade

Step Into Twilight

You Are There

You Never Miss?

                   You Never Miss?
            words & music Ed Hooke, 1990    -     Ed Hooke 1990   -    to GP






About deceiving myself (and not seeing it)
at least as much as about being deceived
by someone else..



Silence wafts across from the enigma that you are.
Bewildered is the eye of this beholder
for what he thought he'd almost found he finds now snatched away.
The drawbridge has been raised.

    I've lost a friend I never had.

Once a hand offered and trusted, once a listening ear,
More than once a strength appearing mutual.
Acting warmly - how much acting?  Why are you afraid?
No answer.  The temperature has fallen.

I've lost a friend I never had.

What you never have, you never miss?


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