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You Are There
 words & music Ed Hooke, 1988    -     Ed Hooke 1998




Our perceptions of reality
areaffected by
our emotional state.
 Here, loneliness & isolation
result in the creation
of an invisible 'friend'
who is somehow
always just out of reach.

 And is this a future which awaits me?

 I know that you're there.
When I am dressing, you're watching through the shutters.
It's naughty to peek!

I know that you're there,
hiding in the bushes on the far side of the street
or somewhere

I find it reassuring just to know that someone's there.
There's nothing for you to be frightened of
yet you have to play your games.
You have to play your games.

I know that you're there
when I'm cooking the dinner, laying the table for one.

I know that you're there
when I'm doing the washing up, drying the dish.
Come and eat if you wish.

But sometimes I even wonder if you're there.
Sometimes I find myself screaming at you:
"Won't you come in?"
"Won't you come in?"

You can't be warm out in the snow.
It's not so hot in here.
You just have to come to my door.
You'll find it's open.
I'm waiting for you.

I know that you're there.
I know that you're there.
I hope you are there.
I know you are.


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